The Kozuva Group, as the biggest organization of western Turkey, decided to consider as priority agelong overseas investments and activities at the last quarter of late 2012. In this contex Favori LLC is established within the scope of operating activities in airport management all around the world.
FAVORI LLC is running airport management of Mogadishu Aden Abdulle International Airport since 15th September, 2013.

Our values & goals are

1. Trusted & safer airport

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Flexible, fast and good service

4. Enviroment friendly airport

5. On time departure & arrival


SAT Service LLC, a Turkish Airlines cargo agency, has undertaken the task of providing a bridge between the world, Turkey and Somalia. Turkish Airlines and Somali cargoes are delivered to Turkish Airlines by cargo quality and trust everywhere in the world.


SAT Service LLC is the ticket agency of Turkish Airlines who has been selected as the airline of the year by Skytrax for over 6 years in Europe, flying to the most points in the world and providing quality services for you.

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